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An initiatory fellowship of spiritual pilgrims in passionate pursuit of the inner flowering of Wisdom; a canonical, vowed religious community of the Episcopal Church, with deep roots in early Christian mysticism. The heart of our charism is the pursuit of theosis ('divinization') through the deep inner work of the Christian life, as inherited from the source-waters of monastic tradition, the ancient Alexandrian and Thomasine schools of theology. We strive for holistic, life giving transformation of ourselves and the world around us in the context of a fresh, loving, contemplative, and expansive expression of vowed religious life, realistically integrated into our twenty-first century context without compromising the depth or demands of our vocations. Our lives are consecrated to the Blessed Mother, and devoted to continual study, contemplation, and the inner arts of spiritual development, in search of the sacred Grail: the Mystic Rose of Divine Wisdom, the summum bonum of all human endeavor.


So he has given to us the precious and magnificent promises, that through them you may be liberated from the world which is continuously in desire and decay, and become partakers of divine nature. (2Peter 1:4)




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